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Shipping address different than my physical address...

When I placed my order, I was only asked about my shipping address, which I entered.  During ordering, I was never asked about my physical address, which is tied to my credit card.  I can not find anywhere to enter my physical addresss....I'm assuming my order is going to kicked back once my card is ran.  

My billing address is not the address that I have given you to ship the item, it is different, but you never asked me for my billing address! You also never asked me for the recipient's name.

Hi Elizabeth and Karen,

Thank you for using to fuel your passion for sports, fun and everything in between.

Our system shows that both of your orders have been placed successfully. We will be sending your packages to your shipping addresses on our system. We will email you the tracking numbers once your packages have been shipped.

We appreciate avid fans like you and we are proud to provide quality items to wear with pride and passion!


Kind regards,



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