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Sharing my campaign shirts online....

What advertising is and isn't okay? I have several ideas for shirts that id love to create. I have an online boutique and I'd like to share the link for my campaign on the site. Is that okay? If not, that's okay but I wanted to check first.

I have a Favorite Verse, my Mother always said,  but I do not know the book it comes from.   I would like a Shirt with that verse and number, if possible,  I am hoping you will consider it and let me know if and when available.. 

The Verse,   " This Too Shall Pass "  I find myself repeating this to myself so often, and thinking of my mother, as she was a firm believer..  Thank you..  

Hi Rochelle. I would be happy to look into that. Are you wanting something decorative added to the shirt?
How can I have this printed on t-shirts?
(78.4 KB)
(95.9 KB)

HI RALNA,   Maybe scrolls or some thing besides just the lettering, plus the scripture number, I am presuming you have access to that information, being the business your in.. Nothing thats going to cost a lot of extra money.. Thank you for your response.. Rochelle

Those shirt messages look nice but I pacifically wanted a special Bible Verse I mentioned in my first letter, these are no where near to what i proposed.. Thank you Rochelle

Hi Ralna,

Thank you for using to fuel your passion for sports, fun and everything in between.

We have sent you an email with more information. Thank you so much for checking with us!

Thanks for your patience. We appreciate avid fans like you and we are proud to provide quality items to wear with pride and passion!


Kind regards,



I understand Rochelle. That is what she was hoping to have put on a shirt.

Not sure I understand that last question, as neither of the two samples had anything to do with

And This Too, Shall Pass! 

Rochelle, that's because Romona was not talking to you, she was tagging on to the forum trying to get someone to print her ideas... Ralna didn't send you any samples...


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