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I'd buy many more shirts from this sight if the prices were lower. At 21 something fir a thirty at least offer free shipping. I love the shirts but just too much for a Tahir.

Hi Anita,


Thank you for using to fuel your passion for sports, fun and everything in between.

We are very grateful for your feedback and we will definitely look into our pricing. In the meantime, we offer 50% off shipping when you buy 2 or more shirts with the same design. Once you are on the payment screen, please move your mouse on the screen, there will be a pop up screen that will provide you with $2 off every order.

We appreciate avid fans like you and we are proud to provide quality items to wear with pride and passion!


Kind regards,




The price for a T-shirt is outrageous. This is price gouging. I won't buy any items from this website. Cut the price in half and give me a call then.
Aaron... these t-shirts are made to order, Printed in the US, after the promotion ends... if you want a cheap T-shirt, go to Walmart, where they mass produce using cheap foreign labor... just sayin...


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