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Youth sizes

my grandson goes to a christian school and loves christian t shirts. 

is there a reason you dont have youth sizes listed.. I bet if you had them, it would be worth your time, because parents are always wanting to put POSITIVE witnessing out there.  When a youth sees another YOUTH wearing a christian tshirt that is unique.. that may be an advertisement for YOU, and Sales for YOU

just a thought

I couldn't agree more!!  How awesome would it be to able to use/give away these at Christian schools, Churches, any and all Christian based functions...Canvus Tech....Listen to your customers please!!!

"we have not because we ask not" ~ James 4:2-3

Canvas Tech...don't overlook a solid marketing base!!! :))

I completely agree!!

If I could order in 4X I would probably order every faith based tee that you advertise. Willing to pay extra for special order and since you run what is ordered, why not???
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