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Seriously wish u would contact me about a return before my 30 days are up Buckle Up Buttercup is printed on back of shirt. I was gonna ask for I need a full refund because I don't like how u treat customers. Order #SG6NPHS2UQG

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Hi Gay,


Thank you for using to fuel your passion for faith, fun and everything in between.

We are so sorry for the late reply. Our system shows that this design is intended to be printed on the back of the shirt and you can view the design here:

We have sent you an email with more information.

We appreciate avid fans like you and we are proud to provide quality items to wear with pride and passion!


Kind regards,



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Thank you for the refund. Hard to see that the print is meant to be on the back..not stated in the description. There are some cool shirts on your site. Might be a returning customer..
My shirt is too small, and the print doesn't show up well. Please give me details on returning for a refund.
Do I need instructions to return an item?
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